On May Day: Injustice Doesn't Rest, Neither Should We

Injustice Doesn't Rest, Neither Should We   
On May Day, CHIRLA calls on anti-immigrants and the Republican Party to stop their attacks on our community and let DAPA be implemented.
Los Angeles -- On Friday, thousands joined the May Day commemorations downtown Los Angeles and CHIRLA, the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles, an immigrant rights organization based in California, as part of the 36-organization Los Angeles May Day Coalition, helped coordinate a march, rally, and resources fair

The following are statements for Angelica Salas, CHIRLA executive director.

"There's harmony in the land when we fight together against injustice. Whether African American, Latino, immigrant, worker or student, woman or child, old or young, on May Day we stand together to call for mending what has for too long been broken.

As immigrants in the largest immigrant city in the United States, on May Day we join with workers and African Americans to call for justice on matters that impact us all such as fair wages, police brutality, and immigration relief implementation.

Our call for justice is not new, but this time we expect our leaders in congress, police stations everywhere, and those who wish us ill wherever they may be hiding, to hear us loud and clear: we will not capitulate to the insanity that threatens our well-being, dignity, and humanity.

Our collective roar throughout the country on May Day should be a warning to the institutions that oppress our young men and women of color, to the political establishment that cowards at the first sign of dissent by their own party members, and to those who continue to batter immigrants for no reason whatsoever other than hate and xenophobia. We will stand time and time again, this and every other day it's necessary, to remind America of our humanity and our right to be respected and to change what has to be changed until justice is served."