Our Golden Promise - Keeping California Families Together

The national fight for immigration reform is underway and CHIRLA is leading the fight in California with the Keeping Families Together California Campaign!

For over 10 years, CHIRLA has been a leader in the national fight to win immigration reform. CHIRLA is distinct as an organization that combines authentic base building, immigrant leadership development, and worker organizing at the local and state level with high level policy and advocacy work at the state and national level. CHIRLA is a leader in the national Keeping Families Together Campaign and the Alliance for Citizenship Campaign, and is the statewide coordinator for the national campaign in California. 

The Keeping Families Together California Campaign will educate elected leaders in California to win support for immigration reform, and will coordinate campaign activities for over 150 organizations statewide, including 85 organizations in the California Table for Immigration Reform, which CHIRLA founded and convenes, and 69 campuses in CHIRLA’s California Dream Network.

This campaign in California will mobilize millions of people and cost over $1 million – can you help us raise the money to pay for it?  Please donate TODAY to CHIRLA’s $11 for the 11 million Campaign.  Donors that donate $11 or more will receive a FREE "Keeping Families Together California Campaign” sticker to display their support for immigration reform!  

We need YOU to be a part of winning the meaningful reform that will put 11 million immigrants on a path to citizenship. Please visit our event calendar for information on Membership Meetings and other events to learn how you can get involved.

History will be made this year – will you be sitting on the sidelines or leading on the front lines? Get involved by becoming a CHIRLA Member to find out what you can do to change millions of lives in your own community. We need YOU to win immigration reform!