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CHIRLA’s Annual Fall Membership Drive will run from September 1 – November 1, 2015 and we are asking for you to INVEST in the immigrant rights movement. This year, your commitment has resulted in some incredible wins! After many years of organizing, we are celebrating Governor Brown’s signing of pro-immigrant bills including AB60 the California Driver's License law for undocumented residents. The  DMV has now issued over  461,00 AB60 driver’s license. Thanks to the activism of immigrant communities we have made these victories possible, and only with our vigilance we have helped implement and protect more immigrants in California and the US.   

We are closer to winning immigration protections through the expansion of DACA and the protections for parents known as DAPA, but we need YOU to help make it happen. Become a CHIRLA Member today to make reform a reality!

CHIRLA became active in our first Primary Election. We were able to contact 37,000 low propensity, New American Latino voters throughout the state. Our goal is to quadruple the number for the 2016 Election cycle. This is why we need you to invest in us.

If you joined CHIRLA last year, it’s time to renew your membership. CHIRLA members are active all over California and our members receive benefits including discounts and legal services, AB60 classes and Orientations on DACA and the Drivers License, as well as Information and Referral Specialists that can help you Monday through Friday at CHIRLA.


Become a CHIRLA Member today and receive information about the issues that you care about and ways to participate in events and actions where immigrants exercise their strength. As a community, we can Get Out the Vote, participate in the May 1st March, as well as advocate in Washington DC and Sacramento. In order to fight for immigration reform and to combat anti-immigrant sentiment especially during the 2016 Presidential Election, we need to show our political strength and show that we are a mobilized and informing the constituency that will hold elected officials accountable. By joining CHIRLA, you are key to our advocacy efforts and are helping to strengthen our movement both locally and nationally.

CHIRLA Membership Categories and Benefits:

Active ($25 minimum):
- Includes: Low-wage Workers, Students, Supporters.
- Benefits: Join a CHIRLA Committee; Free workshops and trainings; a CHIRLA Photo ID card (after 3 meetings); Voice in the political process; 1 on 1 support and referrals; discounts on Gala tickets, access to low cost legal services, and much more.

Partner, Ally and Educator ($100 minimum):
- Includes: Community based organizations and other partners; Immigrant-owned and pro-immigrant businesses, churches, law firms; plus K-12, College, Community or other Educators
- Benefits: Link and logo posted on CHIRLA website which receives 6 million hits annually;Priority recipient of CHIRLA’s original research; Reduced / free CHIRLA events (up to 6 Gala tickets).

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