Statement: President Wrong to Halt Deportations Review

No Time Like the Present to Stop Family Separations and Set Legacy in Motion
(Los Angeles)--The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA), a state immigrant-rights organization with national impact, expressed dismay after news that President Obama asked DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson to postpone any changes to immigration practices until August.
The following are statements for Angelica Salas, CHIRLA executive director:
"While politics may dictate the White House to act with meekness in tackling the cruel and inhumane deportation procedures that leave thousands of immigrant families on a daily basis further ostracized and robbed of dignity, common sense and a moral urgency to do the right thing should not. Letting a wound fester is ill-advised and counterproductive and President Obama is wrong in halting a much needed review of immigration deportations many agree is fraught with injustice.

For many years now, entire communities throughout the United States have joined hands to denounce a broken, costly, and dangerously-rogue immigration system.  Since the passage of a comprehensive immigration reform bill in the Senate last year, a diverse, powerful, and influential coalition has been working with House Republicans and Democrats to follow suit and do the right thing for millions of immigrant American families.  How much more time do leaders in Congress need to do what they know well they must do? 
The President has repeatedly told us he feels the pain of children, workers, and communities torn apart by unjust deportations.  The decision by the White House to halt a process which would 'humanize' a system gone awfully wrong raises more questions than it answers but it does not address our demand the community's suffering must stop.    The President must hold strong and set a different legacy in motion than that of "deporter-in-chief".  Policy-making is not easy but political games while a crisis worsens is reprehensible.
We will not accept further delays.  We are holding Congress and the White House to our June 28th deadline when we expect them to act in tandem to halt the suffering of millions and update our nation's immigration laws.  Nothing short of doing the right thing will suffice."